Tuff Shed, Inc.


Many TUFF SHED employees began their career with the Company in a different capacity. It is a point of pride that TUFF SHED is a great place to launch a career, not just hold down a job.

Examples of how TUFF SHED has created career opportunities include

  • As an entrepreneur himself, Tom Saurey has given individuals the chance to manage stores and regions, and be responsible for their own business decisions and profit and loss ledgers. Three of TUFF SHED's four Regional Managers began with the company in sales or construction, and many of TUFF SHED factory managers served as TUFF SHED builders and/or sales consultants prior to managing a factory store. This experience has not only given those individuals the chance to manage a business, it has also allowed TUFF SHED to grow by training and promoting internally its future managers and thus ensuring that the factory managers understand exactly what it takes to provide quality customer service, motivate and manage staff and produce high quality buildings.

  • At the corporate office, a former store manager is the Chief Operations Officer, and a former builder runs the Engineering Department, and former administrative staff members are now working in Human Resources and Purchasing Departments.

  • Employees who are motivated to succeed, who take personal responsibility for their actions and work to improve themselves and their skills can have a rewarding career at TUFF SHED.