Tuff Shed, Inc.


The team approach starts with shared values. We are proud of our Company and hung on the wall in every store, and addressed in our employee informational booklet is our Mission, Vision and Value Statements.  TUFF SHED, Inc. values its reputation and its employees as individuals for their dedication to teamwork and customer satisfaction.  But because teamwork can't be fostered only by a plaque on the wall, here are examples of some other initiatives that have helped make teamwork part of the everyday fabric of a TUFF SHED facility:

  • Team Approach to Customer Service
  • Teamwork and Customer Service awards given annually to top stores

Examples of the Team Approach at Work

  • While the individual factories are competitive with each other, they also understand that they are on the same team. This has led to stores and corporate departments sharing employees, inventories and best practices.

  • TUFF SHED takes customer service very seriously, and has developed a customer service approach that mandates the coordinated efforts between sales, management and construction teams. By working together to anticipate and eliminate potential problems, these teams make sure the customer gets the right building for their needs, built in a timely manner, and by a crew that completes the job professionally to the customers satisfaction.

  • Factory stores are judged by customer responses to questions regarding helpfulness of sales staff, timeliness of completion, quality of building and even things like keeping a clean and safe and professional worksite. Additionally, one store in each region is recognized each year for exhibiting the highest level of teamwork.